How to Print a Menu

  • Step 1:

    Go to Meal Viewer:

    Step 2:

    1. Start typing your school name. 

    2. Click the search icon. Be sure to pick the menu for your school/location.

    How to print a menu

    Step 3:

    1. Choose your menu (breakfast or lunch).

    2. Choose the month you wish to view/print.

    3. Click on the PRINT icon.

    How to print a menu

    Step 4:

    1. Verify/choose which menu you wish to print.

    2. Choose Monthly or Weekly.

    3. Choose which month you wish to print.

    4. Increase the font size to your desired level. TIP: The defaul setting is to print an entire month on one page (fit to page). However, that setting creates very small font sizes. To make the font larger and more readable, use the Font Size slider bar to increase the font size. As it increases, so do the number of pages being printed. Slide this bar to your desired print size. You can also Hide the Footer and/or Disclaimer if you wish.

    How to print a menu

    Step 5:

    1. Once you have the font size selected to your desired size,

    2. Click on Print Now to send to your printer.

    How to print the menus