Transitional Program of Instruction

  • Program Description

    When there are 19 or fewer students who qualify for the EL program who speak the same language in one attendance center, the district implements a Transitional Program of Instruction in English using the collaboration model in accordance with ISBE regulations.  Core academic subjects are taught in English with non-EL students. Services are provided using specific strategies for ELs in a co-teaching or pull-out model.

    The Transitional Program of Instruction is for non-native English speaking students who have difficulty with written or spoken English. The program provides support to help students succeed in academic subjects and learn English. The classes count toward graduation requirements. Students will receive instruction in their home school and home rooms.

    Instructional Goals

    To meet academic achievement standards for grade promotion and to become proficient in English.

    Program Components

    Your son/daughter will receive instruction in the areas needed to reach instructional goals.

    Exit Procedures

    Students remain in the Transitional Program of Instruction for three years or until they reach proficiency in academic English.

    Other Services

    Special education services. For disabled students requiring specialized services, language instruction meets the objectives of the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

    Other Programs Offered at the School

    Regular instruction for students who are fluent in English. Instruction is in English at all times. Native language is not used. No English as a Second Language instruction is offered. The instructional goal is to meet grade appropriate academic achievement standards for grade promotion and graduation.