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  • CAFE 15District 15 is now using the MealViewer Menu software. MealViewer is a program that allows parents and students to view menus on a computer or a hand-held device through Apple and Google Play. There are many advantages to the MealViewer program, as it allows parents and students to view calorie counts, allergens, and other nutritional information.

    All school lunch entrees are served with the choice of a ½-cup portion of vegetables and ½-cup portion of fruit, fat free or low fat milk, and whole grains. Students must select a fruit or vegetable with each meal. We design our menus to ensure that students are receiving the recommended daily allowances of key nutrients and nutrients of concern such as calcium, vitamins A and C and fiber, while not exceeding maximum limits of calories, sodium and fats.


    There are monthly menus available for students with celiac disease, peanut, tree nut, and dairy allergies. Parents must contact Nutrition Services, 847-963-3928 (Kristin Voigts or Tina Woods) for further information.

    Food Sharing

    Please remind your child not to share his/her lunch with others due to food allergy concerns.

    À la carte

    Elementary and Junior High à la carte items are available for purchase, however, not all items are available at all schools, and not all items are available every day. All à la carte items meet the “Smart Snacks in Schools” regulations. They are: under 200 calories, less than 35% of weight from total sugars, 0 grams trans fats, less than 230 mg sodium, less an 35% total calories from fat, and less than 10% saturated fat.

    Low-fat/reduced-fat ice cream novelties and other snack items may be available for purchase at an additional cost. Please note that not all items are available at all schools, and not all items are available every day.


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Al La Carte Items