• Welcome to our kindergarten homepage! Our class will start off the year by learning how to follow Willow's Ways! Willow the eagle is our school mascot. She teaches us the 3 B's: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. And always be kind. That's pretty much it. Those are our expectations. Many facets of behavior fall under these expectations. When we make choices, we ask ourselves: Was I being respectful? Was I being responsible? Was I being safe and ensuring that others around me are safe? 

    Read-alouds are SO fun in kindergarten. There is some really great children's literature out there. If you haven't checked out your public library yet, I invite you to do so. Reading at home will increase vocabulary and background knowledge, which truly benefits us all.



    In-person kindergarten classes will resume on Tuesday, September 8th!  

    There will be many new safety precatutions taken this year to ensure the health and well-being of your children. All students will be required to wear masks in school. Materials will no longer be shared. All students will have their own pencils, crayons, manipulatives, etc. I look forward to meeting your child in person!