Chapter 11



    District 15 strongly discourages the collection of money by either students or parents for gifts to staff members. Gifts to staff members are also discouraged.

    At the teacher’s discretion, classroom parties may be held at Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Room representatives and PTA volunteers may be asked to help on these days. Parties will be planned with nutrition in mind. A note about Halloween costumes: children are not allowed to bring weapons, toy weapons, or weapon-like objects to school, even if it is part of a costume. We also request that children not wear bloody, gruesome, or especially scary costumes. Costumes must be appropriate for a school setting.

    Treats provided in celebration of a child’s birthday must be non-edible. Parents will be provided with a suggested list of alternative, non-edible treats at the beginning of the school year. The classroom teacher will determine the best time to distribute them. It is against federal regulations to serve lunch to students in lieu of the regular lunch program. This includes pizza and other fast food. If you are planning a party for your child, please do not distribute invitations at school. Parents are also encouraged to consider a book donation to the school library in recognition of their child’s birthday.


    Damage to school property is a concern for all members of the community due to rising repair costs. Students and their families are responsible for the cost of repairs and/or replacement if a student damages school property. Please review with your child the school’s instructions on proper respect for school property and material.


    Application for use of a school building must be made on a form provided by the principal and signed by a responsible representative of the organization or group making application. The District remains viewpoint neutral when granting access to school facilities under Board Policy 8:20 Community Use of School Facilities. The terms and costs, where applicable, are printed on the form. The applicant also agrees to furnish District 15 with a Certificate of Insurance or a Hold Harmless Agreement before an event can take place. School schedules and park district activities have priority for facility use.


    District 15 follows state and federal regulations that require notice two business days prior to any pesticide application in a school. In the event pesticide use is required, District 15 will provide the appropriate notification to parents.


    The District is required by law to maintain an Asbestos Management Plan and provide written notice at least once each school year to parents and guardians. The Asbestos Management Plan is specific to each school building and a copy is available for review in every school office. The Asbestos Management Plan is updated every six (6) months and includes the results of periodic re-inspections, response actions, and post-response actions, if any. Please contact your school office if you wish to view the Asbestos Management Plan.