September 2015

  • As our communities continue to evolve, our mission remains clear.

    Scott B Thompson, Ed.D.The 2015-16 school year is off to a robust start here in District 15! This year, we opened the doors to nearly 12,000 students, as well as faculty, staff, and our thousands of families, to the promise a new school year brings.

    Each summer, in preparation for the beginning of school, District 15's Board of Education and its Leadership Team return to the District's guiding principles to review and reexamine Board and District goals, as well as to plan the work for the coming year. Of course, this compels the renewal of our commitment to the District's mission: to produce world-class learners by building a connected learning community.

    Our communities and families are more dynamic, more diverse than ever. In response, our goals need to be as vigorous and varied as possible. Our before-, during-, and after-school programming needs to be creative and adaptive. Take, for example, our C.A.R.E. (Children's Activity, Recreation, and Enrichment) program. In partnership with the Palatine and Rolling Meadows Park Districts, it is expanding to fill the needs of our families, as well as extending a school's reach into its neighborhood by offering an extended school day complete with academic, creative, and physical outlets for its participants.

    In alignment with our mission, District 15 has launched a comprehensive review of its curricula in order to provide forward-thinking, future-focused education to our students. In addition to the yearlong math pilot program (which will choose the most effective math curriculum for the future), the District will also highlight the science curriculum via the Next Generation Science Standards.

    The District continues to explore a variety of academy school concepts in order to adapt to the changing educational needs of our community. Included in our exploration of evolving academics, the District is investigating ways to implement full-day kindergarten and to expand our preschool program. Additionally, expansion of our extracurricular offerings is among the highest priorities in order to extend learning beyond the school day, and even beyond traditional curricula.

    First Day
    As District 15 actively seeks to elevate its academic, creative, and physical programming, connection and communication with stakeholders becomes of the utmost importance. To that end, exploring options to enhance all communication opportunities will be a necessity for the District in 2015-16.

    Working toward the achievement of these goals, we, as District 15 stakeholders, must renew our commitment toward "building a connected learning community." We must all work together to adapt to the changing needs within the schools and throughout the neighborhoods that comprise this great school district.

    By doing so, we will realize that our many different backgrounds and life experiences can strengthen our shared commitment to "produce world-class learners," and help our children more fully realize the promise of a public education.

    Thank you for doing your part to fulfill the promise that this new school year presents by supporting District 15 and its wonderful schools. Have a great school year!
    Scott B. Thompson, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools