June 2016

  • Here's to 70 excellent years, and many more to come!

    Scott Thompson Earlier this spring, shortly after the Palatine community kicked off the village's 150th anniversary celebration, we here in District 15 quietly celebrated our 70th Anniversary.

    On March 2, 1946, a referendum question was on the ballot to consolidate six of the districts within Palatine Township. Voters gave approval to consolidation by a resounding vote of 744 to 172. The following month, on April 13, 1946, voters went to the polls again to elect the first Community Consolidated School District 15 Board of Education.

    As coincidence would have it, we had a Board of Education meeting this year on the evening of April 13, so—after the Facilities Plan Committee v2.0 presented its long-term facilities recommendations for the District, and the Board approved the new teachers' contract—I marked this momentous occasion by presenting the Board with updated copies of Generations of Excellence, a book of the District's history, and inviting those in attendance to enjoy a donut. That was the signature gift of Joseph M. Kiszka, the book's author and a longtime District 15 administrator.Generations of Excellence

    Earlier this year when Mr. Kiszka reminded me of this occasion, he shared the following quote from Gray M. Sanborn, the District's first school board president:

    The year 1946 will be one of the greatest years Palatine will have experienced if during that time the reorganization of the elementary schools of the township becomes a reality. Better educational facilities for the children of the village and their rural areas is a crying need. District 15 has been coasting along on school facilities provided 30 years ago when the present building was erected. It is common sense that we can't ride all the time. We must get out and push a little.

    Indeed, on this 70th anniversary of the consolidation of District 15, the Board embarked on decisions that could make 2016 another one of the greatest years the community has experienced. Board members, District 15 staff, parents, and citizens have gotten out and are pushing to make the District a top-notch system for children well into the future. There is a good feeling about the next 70 years for the District serving our community's children, and for that I thank you!


    Scott B Thompson, Ed.D.

    Scott B. Thompson, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools