February 2017

  • Your voice can help shape the future of District 15’s schools.

    Scott Thompson Our new Community Engagement Planning Committee is now hard at work, helping plan for District 15’s future.

    This group is comprised of current, future, and past parents from many parts of the District, as well as D15 community members and business owners. Every member of the Committee applied to be part of this group, and the Committee’s co-chairs—Lavanya Thyagarajan and Matt Bickel—invited all applicants except current Board members and candidates for Board membership to participate in the planning process.

    To that end, this Committee will design a process to engage community members in exploring critical issues for D15 schools. Right now, it is working to determine the structure and content of engagement activities. Those activities will attempt to reach all stakeholders and will aim to produce a set of principles embodying the District 15 community’s values for its schools. Following these community engagement efforts, the Committee will analyze the input it received from the District’s stakeholders, and create a set of recommendations that will inform the Board of Education’s policies and decisions related to the future of District 15’s schools.

    Community EngagementThe Committee began this work during its first planning meeting on January 19, so specific details of this effort are just now starting to take shape. Those details will be widely shared across the D15 community later this spring, once the Committee’s plans are more concrete.

    One thing is for certain, though—the Committee will want to hear from you!

    Whether you’re a parent or a retiree, a student or a staff member, a business owner or a community member, a long-time resident or a brand new family, your voice can help shape the future of District 15's schools.

    I hope you will actively participate in the engagement activities.


    Scott Thompson




    Scott B. Thompson, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools