Sending Documents to Reprographics Electronically

  • Advantages:

    • Your printed piece is an original (not a second-generation copy from your original).
    • Your document contains cleaner/clearer images, shading, graphics, and graphs.


    • Unless you send a PDF, there can be font issues—if Reprographics does not have the font(s) you selected, they can either substitute with a similar font, or you can send your font(s) along in your e-mail to be sure the exact font(s) is used.
    • Reprographics is limited in the type of files accepted. Files from the following programs are accepted: Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and PDF files. High resolution print ready PDF files are preferred.

    To send a document to Reprographics for printing:

    1. Use the e-mail address "," and attach the file to your message.
    2. You must also complete a print request form, include a printed sample of your document, and send it to Reprographics. Make a note on your print request form that the original file was e-mailed to Reprographics. Including a printed sample of your document allows Reprographics to compare it with the e-mailed document to ensure fonts, line endings, etc. agree (changing computers and printers often times creates changes in the way your document prints). If there is a difference in the way your document prints and the sample sent to Reprographics, you will be contacted to review any options or corrections.
    3. Reminder: If your print request calls for special paper, you must send it with your print request.
    4. Upon receipt of your print request form, your job will be scheduled according to the requested completion date. As always, Reprographics will advise you if your project cannot be completed by your requested completion date.