Renting Music Instruments

  • CCSD15 requires that grade 5-8 students enrolled in band or orchestra provide their own instrument and supplies for class, or rent from District-approved music stores. 

    • We recommend families rent these instruments from one of our recommended music vendors. The list will be posted here when available. If a particular instrument is not available to rent from any of the District-approved music stores, your child will be able to rent that particular instrument from the school district for a one-time fee of $30 for elementary students, and $50 for junior high students.

    • Students playing large instruments, such a cello or bass, may rent a rehearsal instrument that remains at school. Students who play percussion pay a $15 fee for use of a school percussion kit.

    • Should you need financial assistance from the District in order to participate in the instrumental program, please contact Risa Cohen, District Curriculum and Fine Arts Coordinator, at 847-963-3117, or e-mail For assistance in Spanish, please contact Nancy Aguirre at 847-963-3130, or e-mail

    • District instrument supplies are limited so students may need to play a second choice instrument if their first choice is no longer available.