Renting Music Instruments

  • Band and orchestra students who do not have their own instruments must rent their instruments from any of the following District-approved music stores:

    • Classic Violins
    • Classic Woodwinds & Brass Rentals
    • Fix This!
    • Hoffman Strings LTD
    • Midwest Brass & Woodwind
    • Music and Arts
    • The Music Room
    • The String Project

    District 15 will only rent instruments to students if their particular instruments are not available for rent in these stores for a one time fee of $30 for elementary students, and $50 for junior high students. Students playing large instruments, such as a cello or bass, rent a rehearsal instrument that remains at school. Students who play percussion pay a $15 fee for use of a school percussion kit. Please keep in mind that district inventory many put limitations on instrument choice.

    This change in policy is a result of increasing costs associated with maintaining the District's instruments. Each year the inventory ages, the cost of repairing the instruments grow. This cost far exceeds the amount the District received from rental fees. When renting instruments from the district-approved stores, maintenance and liability costs are covered in the monthly service plans and rental agreements.
    The District will continue to offer its instrument scholarship program to help students in need of financial assistance. 

    Visit here to read more about renting a music instrument from CCSD15, and to complete the online CCSD15 Instrument Rental Contract (English / Spanish).

    For additional information, please contact Risa CohenCurriculum Coordinator, at 847-963-3113, or email For assistance in Spanish, please contact Nancy Aguirre at 847-963-3130, or email

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