Two-Way (Spanish) Dual Language Program FAQs

  • What is Two-Way (Spanish) Dual Language?

  • Why is learning a second language good for cognitive development?

  • Is Two-Way (Spanish) Dual Language a full day of kindergarten?

  • How much of the day is taught in Spanish during the kindergarten year?

  • What is the demographic breakdown of the Two-Way (Spanish) Dual Language classrooms?

  • Do Spanish Dual Language students learn different curriculum than the general education population?

  • Is there tuition associated with the Two-Way (Spanish) Dual Language?

  • Who is eligible to register for Two-Way (Spanish) Dual Language?

  • Where are the Two-Way (Spanish) Dual Language host sites?

  • What is the lottery process like to get into the program?

  • Is school bus transportation provided for students whose home school is not JA or WCE?

  • I am interested, but want my older children to attend the same school as my incoming kindergartner.

  • Will siblings of students in the Two-Way (Spanish) Dual Language program get priority registration?

Two-Way (Spanish) Dual Language Program