D15 Intra-District Transfer Request

  • Intra-district transfer requests will be reviewed according to these procedures:

    D15 Intra-District Transfer Request Procedure Brochure (English/Spanish)

    2021-22 School Year

    The district will be accepting Intra-District Transfer Requests for 2021-22 between May 3 – June 17, 2021. Please contact the Superintendent's Office with any questions.

    Intra-District Transfer Request forms (English/Spanish) are only accepted between May 3–June 17, 2021, for consideration for the 2021-22 school year. 

    Student Information

    Student(s) must be registered in District 15 in order to apply. Parents may list up to four (4) children from the same family and home address per form. One request per student per year.

    Transfer Request

    Include the name of the transfer from school (assigned school) and the name of the school you wish to attend (receiving school).

    Reason for Transfer

    Check one reason for transfer for each student listed. See form for details. Be sure to include any accompanying documentation from certified medical or mental health personnel and school administration from the home school, and/or parent affidavits (English/Spanish) and daycare affidavits (English/Spanish), as required. 

    Terms of Agreement

    I understand and accept the below terms associated with the intra-district transfer request that I have made on behalf of my child:

    • I understand, in the event that my request is approved, paid transportation by the District will not be available, and that I am responsible for transporting my child to and from school.
    • UNTIL notified by the D15 Intra-District Transfer Committee, this request is NOT approved and I must register my child in the home attendance area school.
    • I will provide proof of residency in the assigned home school.
    • Due to enrollment changes that take place throughout the year and into the summer months, I will more than likely not be notified of the D15 Intra-District Transfer Committee’s decision until a week or two before the start of the school year.
    • My request will more than likely not be approved if doing so will exceed class-size targets established by either the state of Illinois and/or the District 15 Board of Education.
    • My request will not be approved in the event that it will require the district to hire additional staff.
    • If this transfer request is approved, it is only valid for one (1) school year and that I will need to make a similar request each year thereafter.
    • An approved transfer may be rescinded and future requests not approved by the D15 Intra-District Transfer Committee in the event that:
      • My child engages in misconduct that is disruptive to the educational environment.
      • My child demonstrates a pattern of unexcused tardiness or absences.
      • My child does not maintain good academic standing.
      • My conduct toward staff, administration, other parents, and students is not respectful, appropriate or is disruptive pursuant to Board of Education Policy 8:30, Visitors to and Conduct on District Property.
      • I elect not to respond to or meaningfully participate in required meetings that staff and/or administration have invited me to attend on behalf of my child.
      • Other relevant reasons exist as determined by the D15 Intra-District Transfer Committee.

    Be sure to sign the D15 Intra-District Transfer Request form and return all necessary documents/attachments to:

    District 15 Intra-District Transfer Committee
    580 N. 1st Bank Drive
    Palatine IL 60067-8110

    Form and supporting documentation may be received via U.S. mail OR returned via email to goodwinm@ccsd15.net (please attach form and any supporting documents in the email). Requests are only accepted between May 3 and June 17, 2021, for consideration for the 2021-22 school year.

    Please do not submit requests at any other time; they will be returned to you. 

Intra-District Transfer documents