How to Post an e-Flyer Online at D15

D15 E-Flyer Posting Guidelines

  • Flyers publicizing community events within the area served by District 15 may be posted online and placed in the school lobby for students or parents to pick up, subject to the conditions listed below, at no cost to the sponsoring organization. District 15 provides this service as an informational convenience for our students and families.

    The following requirements will apply to all materials submitted for online and lobby distribution:

    1. Only events sponsored by NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS may be publicized in this manner. No commercial publications shall be posted or distributed unless the purpose is to further an activity or program that is initiated or sponsored by the school district.

    2. The text of the material must be geared toward providing services for children and families within the District 15 community.

    3. The district reserves the right to request verification of a charitable organization’s IRS 501(c)(3) status and to refuse posting/distribution of materials from organizations which do not meet these requirements.

    4. Endorsement by the school district is not intended or implied. (See disclaimer required for printed copies.)

    5. The text of the material MUST INCLUDE A NAME AND TELEPHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL ADDRESS, AND/OR WEB ADDRESS where inquiries may be directed should parents or students have questions.

    6. Advertising may not appear in the flyer.

    Approval Process:

    1. The request to post a flyer should be submitted at least two (2) days prior to the posting date.

    2. Those wishing to submit a flyer to be posted can submit their request online or via email.

    3. The Superintendent’s Office will make the final determination of eligibility for posting and/or school lobby distribution and appropriateness of the material for our students. You will be notified via e-mail of approval or if any additional information is required.

    Limited Distribution

    1. One set of no more than 25 printed flyers may be provided for each school’s lobby. The printed flyers must include the D15 Disclaimer (see #2), and be packaged and clearly labeled for each school requested. The printed flyers will not be distributed to individual classrooms/students. 

    2. Each printed flyer must include the following DISCLAIMER printed somewhere on the page:

      Community Consolidated School District 15 neither recommends nor endorses this program or organization. Distribution of informational material is for the convenience of District 15 students and families and does not imply endorsement by the district.

    3. Materials, packaged per the instructions above, may be brought to the individual school(s) or to the Joseph M. Kiszka Educational Service Center, 580 North 1st Bank Drive, Palatine. Be sure the sets are clearly labeled for each school requested. Do not combine schools.

    If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Cramer, Communications,, or 847-963-3125.

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