• The 8th Grade Plum Grove basketball team had a really great season. They went 10-2 only losing on one score games to Winston and Sundling. The team beat all of the non-conference games and was feeling good going into the tournament. After a great game against Sundling in the first round, they went into the championship game facing Winston. They had another great start to the game and rode that to a championship win.

    The 7th Grade Plum Grove Chargers had a very fun and successful season. The boys finished with an overall record of 11-1, while going 6-0 in conference play. They were also able to take first place in the District 15 tournament at the end of the season. After an early loss to South Middle School, the boys were able to turn a corner and develop some great team chemistry with one another. They were able to ride this to a ten game winning streak to end the season. All in all, a very fun and rewarding season for all!

Boys Basketball @ PG

  • Basketball There are boys’ basketball teams for both seventh and eighth grades. Twelve to 15 boys are chosen for each team based on tryouts. The season runs from mid-October through January, ending with a District tournament.

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