• Winston Campus Winston Campus is a community of learners whose mission is to foster the development of life skills centered around respect for self/others, respect for the school environment, and respect for learning. We believe in:

    • Promoting college readiness for all students.
    • A commitment toward strong academic achievement.
    • Generating higher-level reasoning through problem-solving skills.
    • Connecting the learning process across the curriculum.
    • Providing creative opportunities for all students.
    • Accessing information through technology to enhance learning.
    • Demonstrating social responsibility including communicating effectively with others.
    • Maintaining a safe, orderly, and caring learning environment

    WCE College Readiness Pledge

    We the students of WCE
    Promise to be the best we can be,
    We show respect for me and you
    Acting Responsibly, and safely too
    If we work real hard, we’ll go quite far
    Earning Eagle Wings and Shooting Stars
    With our feet on solid ground
    We are … (clap, clap) COLLEGE BOUND!!