How to Participate in a BOE Meeting

  • Citizens Invited

    The Board of Education usually meets on the second Wednesday of the month to conduct district business.

    The agenda for some meetings may include a closed, or executive, session. During this session, the Board may consider certain topics such as the appointment, employment, and dismissal of employees, and student disciplinary cases. Any official action on these matters must be taken in a public meeting.

    Meetings are held in the district meeting room at Walter R. Sundling Junior High School, 1100 North Smith Street, Palatine. See Board of Education Meeting Dates/Agendas/Minutes/Board Briefs for a list of dates, times, and agendas.

    Addressing the Board

    At each meeting, citizens are invited to address the Board on agenda and nonagenda items. A form requesting a brief outline of the topic you wish to discuss is available at the registration table. Please limit your presentation to five minutes. The Board welcomes written comments.

    The Board rarely acts immediately on an issue brought before it for the first time. Even with more familiar issues, the Board takes action only after its members thoroughly examine all aspects of the matter.