Junior High Curriculum & Instruction

  • The junior high instructional program includes the following subject areas:

    Enrichment Offerings
    The Junior High Enrichment Program consists of courses in fine arts, practical arts, technology, and foreign languages. The Enrichment Program is designed to provide students with an exposure to some courses in the above areas.

    Additional Offerings

    Academic interventions or targeted assistance may be provided to qualified students based upon the consideration of multiple data points.  These interventions or supports are provided within a student’s daily schedule.

    Homework is an important component of all academic programs because it gives students an opportunity to practice and apply the skills and concepts taught in the classroom.

    Homework assignments are due on the date specified by the teacher. Teachers will provide guidelines for their individual classroom expectations at the beginning of the year. Late homework assignments may result in a reduction in credit. Students who have excused absences are responsible for asking teachers for the assignments missed and completing them in the timeframe the teachers specify.

    The amount of time students should spend on homework will vary depending on their unique needs and the work requirements of each class. However, as a general guideline, seventh-grade students may be required to spend approximately 70 minutes daily on homework assignments and related reading, while eighth graders should plan on approximately 80 minutes per day of homework assignments and related reading.

    Extracurricular Activities

    The district offers a variety of optional extracurricular activities for students including clubs, sports, and music. These activities vary from school to school.

    Students may participate in band, orchestra, chorus, and interscholastic sports.