Elementary Curriculum & Instruction

  • Our elementary schools are proud to offer a variety of educational opportunities and support programs to our students. Our rigorous core curriculum is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards, which incorporate the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

    The elementary instructional program includes the following subject areas:


    The following resources are available in support of or in addition to the instructional programs listed above:

    Student support programs include:

    D15 Homework Guidance

    As a district, we believe that any work assigned to students, including homework, should be done with a high level of intentionality and planning. Student well-being should be considered and the amount of homework assigned should be age-appropriate.

    We encourage families to identify a specific time and place for children to complete homework. If any concerns arise regarding homework, please contact the classroom teacher.

    The following guidelines for suggested amounts of time to be spent on homework may be helpful:

    Homework Guidelines

    Grade Level

    Maximum Total Minutes per Day* 

    (total minutes across all content areas)



    Grades 1 & 2


    Grade 3


    Grade 4


    Grades 5 & 6


    Grades 7 & 8


    Citation: Hanover Research. “EFFECTIVE HOMEWORK PRACTICES.” Hanover Research, 2019. 

    The following aspects should be considered when students are assigned homework:

    • Provide clear instructions for students;

    • Can be completed successfully;

    • Are not too long;

    • Can be completed in a flexible timeline;

    • Use information and materials that are readily available;

    • Reinforce and allow practice of previously taught skills;

    • Are not just unfinished class work;

    • Are interesting to students and lead to further exploration and study;

    • Stimulate creativity and imagination in the application of skills;

    • Encourage students to work cooperatively; and

    • Stimulate home and class discussion.

  • Helping our students develop a life-long love of reading is important to us. That is why we recommend children set aside time for recreational reading each day.

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