New Teacher - Induction/Mentoring Program

  • The School District 15 staff is the most important asset. The district's human resource development program focuses on helping each person achieve his or her highest level of productivity. A New Teacher Induction Program, currently consisting of six days of orientation and ongoing training workshops throughout the school year, is provided to all teachers new to the district. There is a Mentor Program for both new and experienced administrators and teachers, training for support staff, and technology training for all employees.

    New Teacher Orientation
    District 15's New Teacher Orientation program is held in August and provides its new teachers many opportunities to get to know the District's education program, its staff, and its community.

    The program is comprised of a variety of carefully planned seminars, workshops, and training sessions that provide new teachers with essential information for beginning their District 15 careers. Session topics included a general overview of the District's curriculum and key programs, and presentations on math and literacy instruction in the District, response to intervention, special education, second language programs, instructional technology, and cultural competency. The program also provides demonstration classrooms, important information on instructional shifts required by the Common Core, and time for the new teachers to work both independently and with their principals and new professional colleagues in their classrooms and school buildings.

    Induction/Mentoring Program
    During New Teacher Orientation, each teacher who joins the District is also introduced to an experienced District 15 teacher selected to serve as his/her mentor in the District's Induction/Mentoring program.

    The program divides the new class of certified staff into two levels -- Level One, novice teachers and Level Two, experienced ones. Level One new hires have two years or less prior teaching experience, and Level Two new hires have more than two years prior teaching experience. The Induction/Mentoring Program also offers second-year teachers the option to participate in our second-year program, which is comprised of new teacher cohorts facilitated by pairs of National Board Certified Teachers.

    District 15's mentors serve as professional growth facilitators, and have been trained to provide appropriate support and challenge to help the District's new teachers enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. The mentors also provide emotional support and help the new teachers make a smooth transition into the District's professional culture.

    New Teacher Induction Coordinator
    Philip Georgia
    Phone: 847-963-3015