Generations of Excellence - A History of District 15

  • Generations of Excellence, a history of Community Consolidated School District 15 from 1946–2018, celebrating 72 years, represents a tapestry of time, woven from the fabric of our children, parents, educators, and communities. Rich in the diverse threads of the past, District 15 continues to build on the solid foundations of a community which places a high value on the quality education of its children. This proud history celebrates not only past generations of excellence, but also those to come.

    A special thanks goes to Joseph M. Kiszka who accumulated much of the historical data. His commitment provided inspiration for the District 15 community to maintain its history for future generations. While the facts and statistics were carefully researched, there is still much to be added and learned. We encourage others to continue the work of documenting this important part of our community’s history.

    For more information about Community Consolidated School District 15, please call 847-963-3000.

Generations of Excellence - 1946-2018

  • Foreward

  • Introduction by Scott B. Thompson, Ed.D., Superintendent (2010 to 2019)

  • Comments from Robert A. McKanna, Ed.D., Superintendent (2003-2008)

  • A Community Meeting the Challenges by Lisa Szczupaj, Board of Education President (2017-present)

  • Comments by Louis A. Sands, former Board of Education President (November 1998–November 2001, and April 2003–April 2005)

  • Pre-consolidation

  • Superintendents

  • The Board of Education

  • Board Member Chronology

  • Cardinal Drive School

  • Carl Sandburg Junior High School

  • Central Road School

  • Frank C. Whiteley School

  • Gray M. Sanborn School | Oak Street School

  • Hillside School