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Breakfast, Lunch, and Á La Carte Items


    In schools where breakfast is available, the daily cost is $1.30 per meal, including milk. Students eligible for free meal benefits are also entitled to a free breakfast, and those on the reduced program may purchase breakfast at 30 cents.


    Lunches are available for purchase daily at a cost of $2.60 per meal for elementary students and $2.70 per meal for junior high students. Reduced-price meals cost 40 cents. Students who bring lunch from home may purchase milk for 40 cents. Students eligible for free meal benefits are entitled to one lunch at no cost. 

    All meals include low-fat white and non-fat flavored milks, as well as a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

    Lunch choices include hamburgers, beef taco meat and pasta with marinara sauce. Several of our chicken products are all white meat, with no fillers, and other favorites include orange chicken with steamed brown rice, a gluten free nachos supreme lunch, an all-beef nitrite and gluten free hot dog. Vegetarian options are available daily. Menu items that are poultry, pork, vegetarian, beef, gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free are indicated.

    All school lunch entrees are served with the choice of a ½-cup portion of vegetables and ½-cup portion of fruit, fat free or low fat milk, and whole grains. Students must select a fruit or vegetable with each meal. We design our menus to ensure that students are receiving the recommended daily allowances of key nutrients and nutrients of concern such as calcium, vitamins A and C and fiber, while not exceeding maximum limits of calories, sodium and fats.


    All á la carte items meet the “Smart Snacks in Schools” regulations. They are: under 200 calories, less than 35% of weight from total sugars, 0 grams trans fats, less than 230 mg sodium, less than 35% total calories from fat, and less than 10% saturated fat. Junior high á la carte items include baked chip/pretzel products and other low-fat items available daily. Parents may elect to limit á la carte purchases by calling their child’s school and speaking to the nutrition coordinator.

School Meal Payment Options

  • Prepayments for meals can be made several different ways. Parents can give their student a check made out to the order of Nutrition Services, in an envelope marked "Nutrition Services" and their student’s name. Parents may also make payments online, via SchoolCafé

    SchoolCafé can be used to check your student’s balance. You can also elect to have a low balance notification emailed directly to you.

    Free and Reduced-Price Meal Benefits are available to children whose families qualify under federal guidelines. Application forms are available at school and online

    Students in schools that are part of the federal government program Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) [Central Road, Gray M. Sanborn, Jane Addams, Kimball Hill, Lake Louise, Stuart R. Paddock, Virginia Lake, Winston Campus Elementary, Carl Sandburg Junior High, Winston Campus Junior High, and Conyers Learning Academy] are entitled to receive a free breakfast and a free lunch each day. No application or action is required by parents for this voluntary program.