MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)

  • Second- through eighth-grade students in all schools will be tested two or three times a year (fall and spring) using the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing system.

    The computer-based MAP tests measure individual student achievement in three academic areas: reading, language, and math. They accurately reflect each student’s knowledge and understanding and measure growth over time. Tests dynamically adjust to a student’s performance level, making test scores more accurate. Results are available within 24 hours.

    The information provided through MAP testing better enables the district to make appropriate, data-driven decisions at the classroom, school, and district levels. It also allows teachers to make rapid adjustments in instruction to respond to identified student needs.

    MAP testing does not replace the state-mandated Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT). District 15 currently administers other types of assessments, but with the implementation of MAP testing, the necessity for other test instruments will be carefully reviewed. Because MAP provides such specific and timely information, it may eliminate the need for some other tests.

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    MAP testing takes place: