Dynamic Learning Maps - Alternate Assessment (DLM-AA)

  • The Illinois Alternate Assessment (IAA) was the yardstick the state used to measure the learning of students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. Students took the IAA if participation in the state's regular assessments—the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) or the Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE)—was not appropriate, even with accommodations.

    The IAA was a performance-based assessment that used on demand tasks, which were aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards. The IAA was based on alternate achievement standards in reading, mathematics, science and writing at the grades corresponding to ISAT and PSAE. The Dynamic Learning Maps - Alternate Assessment replaces the Illinois Alternate Assessment. This alternate assessment test is administered in place of PARCC to Grade 3 thru 8 (per decision of IEP team).

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