Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

  • Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a layered continuum of academic and behavioral support that meets ALL learners’ needs. 

    In a multi-tiered system of instruction and support, teachers provide quality instruction across three tiers that is universally designed, differentiated, culturally and linguistically responsive, and aligned to grade-level content standards. MTSS is a framework that provides equitable access to high-quality, grade-level academic and behavioral instruction and supports for all students.

    MTSS emphasizes the principle that all students can learn when:

    • All teachers differentiate instruction to enhance learning within a research-based core curriculum.
    • Early access to a multi-tiered system of research-based interventions is provided. 
    • A problem-solving approach that depends on the use of reliable data and the progress monitoring of learners to assess the effects of interventions is used.

    Reading Consultant Specialists (RCS)

    Classroom teachers are the critical component for effective literacy instruction. Each school in the district also has a reading specialist on staff to provide additional support and expertise. The reading specialist supports the Literacy Program to classrooms and serves as a resource to all teachers in a building.

    Grades K-2

    • Assist in identifying students who qualify for intervention services
    • Train and coach program assistants to work with intervention students
    • Monitor progress of students in the intervention programs to ensure effective instruction and achievement

    Grades 3-6

    • Assist in identifying students who qualify for intervention services
    • Directly service intervention students using the Soar To Success program
    • Monitor progress of students to ensure effective instruction and achievement


    • Provide support to teachers for the Harcourt Trophies program
    • Co-teach balanced literacy and differentiated instruction lessons in the mainstream classrooms
    • Meet with grade-level teams for planning and consultation
    • Provide professional materials and readings to building staff and administrators

    A district-level literacy director and coordinator provide resources, training and support for teachers while continually assessing student needs, determining best practices, and evaluating current research to be sure that District 15 students are receiving the best possible instruction.

    Strategies for Parents—Helping Your Child Become a Better Reader (English PDF / Spanish PDF).