Concert Band

  • 19-20 WRS 7th Grade Concert Band

  • Concert Band is offered as a Seventh Grade enrichment class to all students who have successfully completed Intermediate Band. Students are invited to continue their band experience on traditional band instruments. Band meets once during the school day as an enrichment class. Students are also required to attend one small-group lesson per week on a rotating schedule. Through the study of different time periods and styles, students will understand music as a form of communication which will expand their ability to listen, analyze and discuss concepts. Through daily learning, the band prepares and performs at concerts and events during and outside the school day.

    This years's performances include: 7th Grade Fall Band Concert, 7th Grade Winter Band Concert, WRS Band Orientation, March Madness Band Concert, 7th Grade Spring Band Concert and Graduation.

    The 2021-2022 Concert Band is comprised of 33 Seventh Grade students.