CS Cross Country 2019

  • Girls Grade 8

    The Sandburg runners had another great season. This was a hard-working group of athletes that pushed themselves in practice and on the course. The clear leader of the team this year was district champion Sammie F. This team demonstrated superb sportsmanship and went to great lengths to support their teammates. They might have been a small team, but they were mighty, with two girls finishing in the top ten!

    Boys Grade 8

    These 8th grade boys demonstrated vast improvement from last year.  As team leader, Brian Cochran pushed the whole team to a new level. His example pushed the whole team to work on achieving their best times for every race.  Joe Kim also finished in the top ten. His humor and encouragement helped create a real sense of team camaraderie. These boys were right in every race this year and had a hugely successful season.

    Girls Grade 7

    These girls had a lot of fun this season.  They enthusiastically cheered on their teammates and brought a positive vibe to the whole team.  They may not have had victories on the course, but they were the epitome of sportsmanship. They exceeded our expectations with the amount of improvement they achieved from the beginning of the season to the very last race.  Michelle Krupp was the team leader with top ten finish in the district tournament.

    Boys Grade 7

    The seventh grade boys made huge strides this season, continuously improving their ties throughout the season.  With their positive attitudes, many were able to achieve their best times at the final race of the season, the district tournament.  They are excited and enthusiastic about next season!

  • There are four cross-country teams: seventh-grade girls, seventh-grade boys, eighth-grade girls, and eighth-grade boys. All students may participate, and there is no limit to the number of participants. The season begins in August and runs through the end of October, closing with a District meet.

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