PGJH Cross Country 2019

  • Grade 8 Girls

    The Plum Grove cross country teams worked hard, were dedicated, and had a lot of fun this season.  Everyone’s focus and dedication lead to an enjoyable and memorable season! The eighth grade girls’ cross country team had an excellent season, going 6 and 0 in conference and winning the district meet.  The girls did an amazing job feeding off of each other’s energy and lifting themselves up on those days when their legs felt like they weighed 100 pounds. This team is back to back champs as they won both conference and district as 7th graders.

    Grade 8 Boys

    A special congratulations to 8th grade boys Thomas B., Manasyu C., and Tommy A., for placing in the top 10 at the Conference meet.

    Grade 7 Girls

    Great effort made by every girl! Ami O did a wonderful job throughout the season pushing herself and being a role model for the other girls.

    Grade 7 Boys

    Plum Grove’s 7th grade boys cross country team had a very successful season. We had 21 runners on this year’s squad and every boy worked extremely hard to help their team.  Practices during the season were both fun and a lot of work. From running to and from Harper College and conquering “the beast”, to running to the park and participating in fun relay races, and running “the box”, all runners improved their fitness and also improved their meet times. All 21 runners showed vast improvements in their meet times with most boys shaving off 1-5 minutes for the 1.5 mile run. Way to go! Looking forward to everyone running as 8th graders!

  • There are four cross-country teams: seventh-grade girls, seventh-grade boys, eighth-grade girls, and eighth-grade boys. All students may participate, and there is no limit to the number of participants. The season begins in August and runs through the end of October, closing with a District meet.

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