Social Studies


    The Mission of the Social Studies Department includes and supports District 15's mission to produce world-class learners by building a connected learning community.

    The Goals of the Social Studies Department support the Board of Education Goals and emphasize integrating technology across the district, ensuring that District 15 students meet or exceed state and world-class standards, excelling as an organization and raising the benchmarks, building a connected learning community, and becoming a world-class educational system.


    The Social Studies Curriculum is aligned to the Illinois State Standards and Benchmarks, as well as the District 15 Learner Statements. The Illinois State Standards for Social Studies include State Goals 14-18:

    STATE GOAL 14: Understand political systems, with an emphasis on the United States.

    STATE GOAL 15: Understand economic systems, with an emphasis on the United States.

    STATE GOAL 16: Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States and other nations.

    STATE GOAL 17: Understand world geography and the effects of geography on society, with an emphasis on the United States.

    STATE GOAL 18: Understand social systems, with an emphasis on the United States.


    The Social Studies curriculum in the primary grades begins with content related to understanding government as it relates to the individual, family, neighborhoods and the community with the understanding of local history. In the intermediate grades, the content studied relates from state and local government, geography and cultures, economics and trends, to understanding the basic structure of the constitution, early American history and ancient western civilization. In the upper grades, students study industrialization and immigration, contemporary issues, the constitution, civil war and reconstruction. Throughout all grade levels, all five state standards are taught in strands throughout the curriculum at all grade levels.

    Junior High

    • Seventh Grade—The social studies curriculum centers on United States history: the Constitution through the Civil War period.
    • Eighth Grade—The social studies ccurriculum centers on United States history: the Civil War to the present time.


    Emily McFadden
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    Phone: 847-963-3141