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    The curriculum in School District 15 is continually evaluated to ensure maximum effectiveness. The Curriculum Advisory Council, consisting of teachers and administrators, researches programs for study and recommends materials which enhance student learning. Parents have the right to reveiw instructional materials used by their child(ren)'s classroom teachers. Parents interested in participating in curriculum studies may contact Meg Schnoor, Ed.D., assistant superintendent for teaching and learning,, or phone 847-963-3101.

    Elementary school classes are self-contained, and junior high school classes are departmentalized. Language arts (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), mathematics, science, social studies, music, health, physical education, and art are taught at all grade levels. The basic curriculum is aligned to Illinois Learning Standards (incorporating the Common Core Standards). In addition, the subject areas listed below by grade levels are also taught:

    *Human Growth and Development is taught as a separate unit within the Comprehensive Health curriculum. Content and activities are carefully selected for the grade-level involved. Parent involvement is essential for the success of this curriculum. Parents may view materials that will be used for instruction, and have the option to withdraw their children from this unit of instruction by sending a written request to the principal. When instruction in recognizing and avoiding sexual abuse is included in any class, parents will receive notice at least five days before such instruction begins and may choose to have their child(ren) withdraw from participation.


    Instruction is based on the belief that the basics are essential. The primary focus of instruction is on the development and application of reading, writing, and mathematics skills. Students also learn basic concepts in science and social studies. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on students becoming independent learners and problem solvers. Learning is enhanced through the use of technology.

    Committees, composed of teachers, parents, and administrators, continually evaluate the curriculum and make recommendations for improvement to the Board of Education to ensure quality programs.

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