• An increased awareness of asthma and allergies is needed to keep students safe at school.  The Health Services staff maintains a list of students with asthma to share with staff on a need-to-know basis. Asthma information and recommended actions for responding to emergency events, including emergency medication, are provided to staff.

    Illinois law requires students with asthma to provide an Asthma Action Plan that guides staff response. 

    Asthma Action Plan

    The schools in CCSD15 will continue to have undesignated epinephrine auto-injector and a standing protocol permitting a school nurse or trained personnel to administer epinephrine to any person whom the school nurse or trained personnel in good faith believes to be having an anaphylactic reaction.

    The School District and prescribing physician shall incur no liability arising out of a student’s self-administration of an epinephrine auto-injector and/or medication or the storage of the medication by school personnel nor from any injury connected with providing the school standing protocol or prescription for epinephrine auto-injectors, except for willful and wanton conduct.

Asthma Action Plan Form