Pesticide Application Procedures

  • Public schools must notify parents/guardians and school employees at least 48 hours prior to any pesticide applications on school property. The term pesticide includes insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides and fungicides. The notification requirement extends to both indoor and outdoor pesticide applications. Pesticides will not be applied on the paved surfaces, playgrounds, or playing fields of any school during a school day or partial school day when students are in attendance for instructional purposes. Additionally, the application of any restricted use pesticides is prohibited on or within 500 feet of school property during normal school hours.

    Excluded from the notification requirement are antimicrobial agents (such as disinfectants, sanitizers or deodorizers), insecticide baits and rodenticide baits.

    District 15 does practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a program that combines preventive techniques, non-chemical pest control methods, and the appropriate use of pesticides with a preference for products that are the least harmful to human health and the environment.

    Any questions regarding the District's pest management practices may be directed to the Chief School Business Official at 847-963-3032.

    District 15 follows state and federal regulations that require notice two business days prior to any pesticide application in a school. In the event pesticide use is required, District 15 will provide the appropriate notification to parents. If there is an immediate threat to health or property that requires treatment before notification can be sent out, notification will be sent as soon as possible.

Herbicide Treatment

  • July 26, 2023

    Notice of Herbicide Application

    On Monday-Wednesday, July 31-August 2, 2023, a first application of a herbicide treatment will be applied to all District 15 school parking lots, playground blacktops, walkways, and curb lines using the Broad Spectrum Nonselective Postemergence Herbicide by Cheetah Pro.

    On Thursday-Saturday, August 10-12, 2023, a second application will be applied.

    If you have any questions, please contact Scott Strik, D15 Facilities & Operations, 847-963-3954.

    26 de julio de 2023

    Aviso de Aplicación de Herbicida

    El lunes-miércoles, del 31 de julio al 2 de agosto de 2023, se aplicará una primera aplicación de un tratamiento herbicida en todos los estacionamientos de las escuelas del Distrito 15, las superficies negras de los patios de recreo, los senderos y las líneas de los bordillos utilizando el herbicida de postemergencia no selectivo de amplio espectro de   Herbicida de Postemergencia no Selectivo Amplio Espectro de Cheetah Pro.

    Del jueves al sábado, del 10 al 12 de agosto de 2023, se realizará una segunda aplicación. .  

    Si tiene alguna pregunta, póngase en contacto con Scott Strik, Instalaciones y Operaciones del D15, 847-963-3954.

Turf Treatment

  • Notice of Fertilizer Application

    On Thursday, August 102023, the Palatine Park District will be applying Spready EC Grow fertilizer to the grassy areas to encourage healthy growth at the following schools:

    • Gray M. Sanborn, 101 N. Oak Street, Palatine
    • Hunting Ridge, 1105 W. Illinois Ave, Palatine
    • Jane Addams, 1020 E. Sayles Drive, Palatine
    • Lake Louise, 500 N. Jonathan Drive, Palatine
    • Lincoln, 1021 N. Ridgewood Lane, Palatine
    • Marion Jordan, 100 N. Harrison Ave, Palatine 
    • Pleasant Hill, 434 W. Illinois Ave, Palatine
    • Stuart R. Paddock, 225 W. Washington St, Palatine
    • Virginia Lake, 925 N. Glenn Dr, Palatine
    • Winston Campus, 900 E. Palatine Rd, Palatine
    • Plum Grove Junior High, 2600 Plum Grove Rd, Rolling Meadows
    • Walter R. Sundling Junior High, 1100 N. Smith Street, Palatine
    • Winston Campus Junior High, 120 N. Babcock Dr, Palatine
    Appropriate signage will be posted at each site.
    If you have any questions, please contact Scott Strik, D15 Facilities & Operations, 847-963-3954.