• Reading Rocks Birthday Book Donations

    Celebrate your child's birthday by donating a book to the Hunting Ridge Resource Center. Your child's name will be on a permanent label inside the book and they will be the first student to check out the book. This book will then be placed in the Resource Center for all to enjoy. There are two ways to donate; the first way is for you and your child to pick out a book and bring it into the Resource Center. The second way is to send in a donation of $10-15 and the form that was sent home with your child in honor of their birthday. We will help your child choose an appropriate book. We also honor 1/2 birthdays for those summer birthdays.

    If you are sending in a check please make it payable to "Hunting Ridge PTA".

    If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Surdynski at 847-963-5307 or Mrs. Enciso 847-963-5315