• Friday Evening 3/13

    Directions:  As of today, 3/13, we will be closed for the next two weeks.  I will add/delete and modify these instructions based on the time we have off.


    Must complete over the first two weeks:

    - Writing menu appetizer items by 3/18

    - Complete WordMaster digital notebook assignment by 3/20 for numbers 1-10.

    - Read 3-4 books over the two-week break!  I know you can do it.


    If the break continues past two weeks, the following is also to be done:

    - Writing menu:  work on all main courses.  Feel free to share these items with me digitally so I can help edit and provide advice.

    - Science:  make a new rocket and test the distance.  Remember, make adjustments to the nose cone!  More detailed instructions are to come.

    - CNN:  watch and take notes on each CNN day

    - Geography:  Continue to work on the Asian continent booklet.  Use your atlas and Chromebook.

    - Math:  my math class will be assigned work through Google Classroom.  They were to bring home their notebook, textbook, and calculators.  I will post all assignments on classroom.