• Wednesday Evening 10/28



    Brents 5th Grade:  5-5 Common Core worksheet and your choice to complete the 5-5 enrichment page for extra credit

    Brents 7th Grade:  pages 

    Klaas:  3-2 practice buddy

    Brinkman: page 153 all, 154 (19, 20, 24)

    Robinson:  3-3 practice buddy


    - continue to work on your geography presentation...it is due on the 6th of November


    - Good Fit Journal is due Friday at 3pm.  Keep journaling!

    - Silent reading...as always :)...if you have time.

    - Complete the drawings for 3 characters: Brom, Ichabod, and Katrina on the 4 square poster due tomorrow

    - work on Wordmasters notebook...1 word per day if you can!


    - none


    - Throwback Thursday

    - Friday is PJ day