•  Monday Evening 10/26


    Math Homework

    Brents 5th: optional homework...page 249 (4-15).  You either watch part, or all, of the Bears game tonight or do the work!

    Brents 7th:  pages 261-262 all (if not done in class) and test corrections

    Klaas:  pages 148-149 evens and 153-154 odds

    Brinkman: nothing, finished test

    Robinson: Topic 3 practice buddy, if not done in class.  Breakout room is due Friday if you want extra credit.


    - GFJ #1...complete tonight or Tuesday night


    - none


    - none 

    Social Studies

    - NO CNN this week!

    - Complete the Hunters and Gatherers review questions online.  

    - There is a test tomorrow on Hunt and Gath...15 question multiple-choice test

    - South America geography project is due next Friday...work alone or with your partner!


    - Watch Bears Game...cheer them on to another victory!

    - Theme day...wear your favorite team gear!