• Homework Policy and Grading Scale

     In fourth grade, students are expected to complete their homework on a daily basis.  Monday thru Thursdays students should allocate 30 - 40 minutes for homework in addition to their daily at home reading.  Most homework assignments will be to finish up classrwork or practice math and reading skills.  Students who do not complete their homework will receive a "pink slip" that will need to be signed by a parent and determine their action plan to get their work done.  Like an instrument or a sport, practice of academic skills is essential to improvement.  
    Now that we have reached our stamina using the Daily Cafe approach, students are required to conference with me as they finish a book.  In order to meet the 40 Book Challenge, they should average 3-4 books per month.  I will be meeting with students regularly to help them organize their time and keep them on track.
    All tests will be announced with a study session beforehand.  Scored tests will need to be signed by a parent to keep you aware of your child's progress.  
    Grading Scale
     98-100%= A+78-79%=C+






    59% and below = U (unacceptable)