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    School facilities are available to the community for educational, civic, cultural, and other non-commercial uses consistent with the public interest when such uses do not interfere with the school program or school-sponsored activities. The use of school facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses. Persons on school premises must abide by the district's conduct rules at all times.

    Use of school facilities by community groups is subject to the following rules and regulations:


    1. Applications for use of buildings or grounds must be made on an official application and signed by an authorized representative of the user group, and must be approved by the school administrator and business services administrator.

    2. A single application may be made for a series of stated meetings of like character for one school year.

    3. District facilities are not available for private financial gain and private social functions.

    4. Applicants will be held responsible for all activities occurring during their group's use of the buildings or premises. Boisterous conduct, profane or improper language, smoking, use or possession of intoxicating liquor or illegal drugs on the premises, or any other objectionable practice will not be tolerated. Games of chance and lotteries will not be permitted on school property. In the event of unwarranted destruction of school equipment or property, the renter shall be responsible for paying the costs of any repairs or replacements necessary to restore property or equipment to its original condition. The Board of Education or designee shall be the sole judge in determining the fact of such unwarranted destruction of property. In the event restoration is not made, or in the event gross misconduct by individuals or groups as judged by school officials in charge has taken place, such groups or individuals shall be denied use of school facilities until the Board of Education has granted approval for use.

    5. Applications will not be approved for any use of a district facility which, in the judgment of the Board of Education, may be in any way prejudicial to the best interests of the school or District 15 for which satisfactory sponsorship is not provided. The application form for use of school facilities shall state the nature and purpose of the meeting or activity for which use of a school building or playground is being requested.


    1. School buildings shall not be used for nonschool activities during the legal school holidays, scheduled closed days, and/or scheduled vacation days. If building use is approved and scheduled for a weekend, holiday or any other day when a custodian would not normally be present, a three-hour minimum custodial charge will apply.

    2. Building use must conclude by 9:00 p.m. on any day of the week.

    3. Classrooms containing student desks shall not be used for nonschool activities except by special permission from the principal.

    4. Use of school food service equipment is specifically prohibited.

    5. Parking is permitted only in regular parking areas. Vehicles are not to be driven or parked on blacktop play areas or the grass areas.

    6. The sponsoring head of the user group is responsible for supervising the activities of the group and signing the building use form. For activities involving children, adult supervision is required (must be 21 years old or older). We suggest one adult for every 15 children. The adult supervisors are responsible for maintaining appropriate order and control of children during the activity. Adult supervisors must prevent trespassing in portions of the building not authorized for use.

    7. Members of any youth organization will not be admitted to the building until adult supervisors arrive to escort the group into the building. The names of the supervisors appointed for duty must be stipulated on the application form, and they shall be responsible to District 15 personnel who are in charge of the building.

    8. Designee from group should check in with custodian upon arrival. Designee from group is in charge of letting said group’s participants into building. Custodians are only responsible for letting in the person in charge of the group. All exterior doors shall remain closed and locked at all times. Propping doors open is prohibited. Failure to adhere to these basic security rules presents safety concerns for all parties involved including custodians, outside group participants, and students/staff the following school day and may result in termination of a group’s building use privileges.

    9. The person in charge of the group activity is responsible for seeking out the custodian at the conclusion of the meeting, etc., and signing the building use form.

    10. A custodian or other representative of the school district must be on duty in the building at all times a facility is in use.

    11. Groups who use the building will be charged per attached schedule. All charges will be billed monthly.

    12. The user group or organization must provide evidence of adequate general liability insurance covering personal injury and/or property damage. If such insurance is not available, a hold harmless agreement must be provided to the district.

    13. The total cost of repairs or replacement of property damaged by members of the user group will be billed directly to the applicant of the group or organization using the facility.

    14. Street shoes will not be permitted on the wood gym floors for recreational type activities.

    15. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that any person involved in food handling is free of TB or other communicable diseases.


    1. Climbing on the roof of school buildings for any reason is forbidden. The building custodian is to be contacted if roof access is necessary.

    2. Participants and/or spectators are not allowed to enter the building to use washrooms, drinking fountains, or telephones.

    3. All activities are to be conducted at a safe distance from the building to prevent damage to the school.

    4. The user group shall be responsible for removal of all trash such as pop bottles, cans, cups, etc., before leaving the school grounds. Use recycling receptacle where available. Failure to adequately remove trash may result in cancellation of the permit to use playground areas.

    Contact: Facilities & Operations
    Phone: 847-963-3951

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