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Mrs. Mousam Patel

Hello Jane Addams Families!

I'm delighted to introduce myself as Mousam Patel, your current school nurse at Jane Addams. My nursing journey spans 16 years, encompassing a diverse range of experiences. I've worked in Maternal Health Services, managed a high-risk Maternal-Fetal medicine clinic, and served as a PACU nurse in both GI and plastic surgery clinics. My educational background includes a Bachelor's degree from North Park University, and I furthered my education with a Master's of Science in Nursing, specializing in Education.

The decision to transition into the role of a school nurse was motivated by my desire to better align my work schedule with the needs of my two children and family life. As a married parent, I understand the challenges of balancing a busy family schedule. My primary objective as your school nurse is to provide compassionate listening, dedicated care, and dependable support to every child at Jane Addams Elementary. I firmly believe that the heart of nursing lies in forging meaningful connections with the children and families under my care.

I extend a warm invitation for you to visit my office, reach out via phone, or connect through email with any questions.  I am very excited to be an integral part of the Jane Addams Community and contribute to the well-being and safety of our students.