eLearning Day

  • Should inclement weather prevent school from being open in 2023-24, we will utilize an eLearning Day so as not to extend the last day of school. This decision was made to support the necessary extended summer required to implement the Moving 15 Forward plan and related construction.

    If inclement weather is predicted, materials will be sent home with your child in anticipation of a possible eLearning day.

    If an eLearning day due to inclement weather is called, students and staff will attend school virtually from home. All students should sign in to their Google classroom following their normal school schedule.

How to:

  • How to log into school with personal device

  • How to Login to Chromebook

  • How to Connect to Home WiFi

  • How to Hard Restart Chromebook

  • How to Powerwash Your Chromebook

  • How to Join a Google Meet

  • Need Assistance?


  • How do families report a student's absence?

  • How will students prepare for a potential eLearning day?

  • What are the expectations for students during eLearning?

  • When will eLearning take place during the day?

  • Where can I find support for helping my child log on?

  • Will my child receive a computer and internet hotspot?

D15 eLearning Plan for 2023-24

  • D15 eLearning Plan (English)

  • D15 eLearning Plan (Spanish)