Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

  • The purpose of this information is part of the District’s continuing effort to educate parents and students about privacy protection and Internet use that occurs outside of the protections required for use of educational technology in school. 

    The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) gives parents/guardians control over what information companies can collect from their children online. However, not all companies are transparent about what data a mobile app or website collects, who will have access to that data, and how it will be used. Allowing your child access to games and other seemingly harmless applications on a smartphone or computer risks his or her exposure to intrusive marketing and access to personal information. 

    The following suggestions may help keep children from being bombarded by unwanted advertising, from making unwanted purchases and from disclosing personal information and location: 

    • Talk to your child early and often about online behavior, safety, and security, and encourage your child to make good choices. 

    • Be choosy about the applications that you let your child use. Try the app yourself to check for advertising messages and/or social networking and purchase options before allowing your child access. 

    • Select activities that do not require access to the Internet or an application, such as looking at family pictures or listening to preselected music, screened and approved by you. 

    • Make certain that the ability to make purchases is password protected. 

    • Set up family rules and consequences explaining that all purchases made via a smartphone or computer must have parent/guardian consent. 

    • Caution children about the use of social networking and other sites and/or apps that can pinpoint locations. 

    • Monitor computer and smartphone use whenever and wherever possible. 

    For more information on the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and protecting your child online, please see the following links: