How to Add this Calendar to your Google Calendar

  • How to Add a Calendar to your Google Calendar
    To add a D15 Calendar to your Google Calendar, follow these instructions:
    1. Go to the calendar you wish to add to your Google calendar: 

    2. Click on the LINK icon at the top of the calendar:

    3. Copy the iCal Feed URL link that's provided.

    4. Now open your Google calendar.

    5. On the left, scroll down to Other calendars, and click on the +, and choose "From URL".
    6. Paste the URL link of the calendar you just copied. Click "Add Calendar".

    7. Once you add it, click on the back arrow, and look for the calendar with the URL as the name. You can rename this calendar now by hovering over the URL name, clicking on the three dots, choose Settings. 

    8. At the top, where it says Name, delete the URL and give it a new name. That's it! Click the back button and the calendar should have its new name.

    9. You can assign the calendar a certain color, and toggle on/off the calendar at any time.