Summer School Offerings

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    In an effort to be responsive to the growing needs of our students, District 15 has, over the past several years, updated and expanded its summer offerings for students in grades 1 through 7. Each of the District’s summer programs are funded by Federal Grant dollars and target students that show the largest level of academic and experiential needs.  

    Historically, there have been two District 15 summer programs: the Extended School Year (ESY) and the Title 1 Summer Blast (T1SB).

    Additional programs supporting multilingual students have been added over recent years. These programs include our Bilingual Math and Literacy Camp, our ESL for Newcomers Camp, and our Dual Language Culture Camp.

    Our programs are scheduled strategically such that parents may also enroll their children in popular summer programs provided by their area Park District Programs.

    Below is a brief description of each of District 15’s summer options.

    Title 1 Summer Blast

    June 3-27, 2024 (Monday-Thursday, no school June 19, 2024)

    This program provides a Math, Literacy, and experiential Science, Technology Engineering, and Math (STEM) exploration for eligible students. This program targets students who are at high levels of academic risk by providing 4 hours of daily instruction for 16 days in June. This program focuses on students with limited financial resources that also display additional needs that may affect their learning during the regular school year. Students are taught by District 15 teachers and enrollment averages around 1,000 students per summer.

    Extended School Year (ESY)

    June 3-27, 2024 (Monday-Thursday, no school June 19, 2024)

    Students who have IEPs may be eligible for summer programming, also called Extended School Year (ESY). A student’s IEP team, including their parents/guardians, collaboratively make the determination if a student is eligible for summer services based on the nature and severity of the student’s disability and factors including regression and recoupment of skills and learning. ESY includes half-day programming in the summer to support the maintenance of skills and learning for eligible students with IEPs.

    Bilingual Math & Literacy Camp

    July 8-August 8, 2024 (Monday-Thursday)

    This program provides 3 hours of math and literacy instruction 4 days a week for a total of 16 days. Bilingual students who are not yet at grade level are invited to participate. Students engage in targeted practice of essential skills through games, assemblies, and real-world applications of math and literacy skills.

    ESL for Newcomers Camp

    July 8-August 8, 2024 (Monday-Thursday)

    This program provides 3 hours of English language development instruction 4 days a week for a total of 16 days. Students who are our newest arrivals to the United States are invited to participate. Students engage in experiential learning through science, math, and literacy activities especially designed to facilitate language learning and build students’ confidence in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English. 

    Dual Language Culture Camp

    June 10-13, 2024 (Monday-Thursday)

    Grade K-4 students currently enrolled in our Dual Language program at Jane Addams, Kimball Hill, or Winston Campus come together for one week to explore and ENJOY Spanish-speaking cultures from different regions of the world at our Dual Language Culture Camp, held June 10-13, 2024. Students participate in literacy and cultural experiences while also developing the third pillar of Dual Language education, which is socio-cultural competence.