• For students with epilepsy, a Seizure Action Plan is needed to provide appropriate care while the student is at school. All school employees receive training in the basics of seizure recognition and first aid and appropriate emergency protocols.  
    A delegated care aide may be trained to perform the activities and tasks necessary to assist a student with epilepsy in accordance with the student's Seizure Action Plan, in accordance with the Seizure Smart School Act, should a seizure occur during the absence of the school nurse. If applicable, a Seizure Action Plan will be provided to any school employee who transports a student with epilepsy to a school-sponsored activity.  In accordance with his or her Seizure Action Plan, a student will be permitted to possess on his or her person, at all times, the supplies, equipment, and medication necessary to treat epilepsy. All accommodations, personnel, training, and emergency planning will be determined to meet the individual student's specific needs during the IEP or 504 meetings.

    The School District or a school employee in compliance with Section 25 of this Act is not liable for civil or other damages as a result of conduct, other than willful or wanton misconduct, related to the care of a student with epilepsy. The School District shall incur no liability arising out of the administration of prescribed rescue medication or the storage of the medication by school personnel nor from any injury connected with providing the school standing protocol or prescription for rescue medication on the Seizure Action Plan, except for willful and wanton conduct.
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Seizure Action Plan