• If you paid anything on behalf of the Marion Jordan PTA, then we want to reimburse you! Please submit expenses within 2 weeks of the event date and include all receipts/invoices to support the requested reimbursement amount. There are 2 options to submit for reimbursement:

    OPTION #1 (Preferred Method): Submit a reimbursement request using the new electronic form in the link below. Use electronic receipts and invoices. If your documentation is not electronic, simply scan it or take a picture (make sure it’s clear/legible). Your request will go directly to the Treasurer for payment. No paper required. CLICK HERE FOR ELECTRONIC VOUCHER FORM

    OPTION #2: If you are unable to submit your request electronically, print and fill out the paper expense voucher form. Submit the completed form (with all receipts/invoices attached) to your child’s teacher in an envelope addressed “To PTA Treasurer – PTA Workroom”, or else place directly in the Treasurer folder in the PTA workroom. Please e-mail the PTA Treasurer ( to make him/her aware that your paper form has been submitted and is available for pickup at the school. CLICK HERE FOR PAPER VOUCHER FORM

    Questions? Contact the PTA Treasurer at

Last Modified on August 8, 2022