Junior High Lockers

  • COVID-19 Update

    In conformance with mandated health and safety guidelines, District 15 may alter the use of lockers in 2021-22. Students will be directed where to place their personal items during the school day. The procedures on locker use described below also may be changed; school principals will alert you to updates.

    Students in junior high school are assigned a locker for storing coats or jackets, book bags or backpacks, and other personal items during school hours. Students may not change lockers without permission from administrative staff. Lockers should be kept locked and the combination kept confidential. The school assumes no responsibility for the loss of articles from a locker. School administrative personnel have the right to inspect lockers at any time. 

    Lockers are on loan to students and remain the property of the Board of Education. Any damage to the locker is the student’s responsibility. Lockers should be kept clean and neat. No open food or beverage other than water may be stored in lockers. Scotch tape and masking tape may be used inside lockers, but stickers are not permitted, as they damage the paint. Lockers may be decorated before or after school for special occasions, but permission must be obtained from the office before decorating. No balloons, confetti, or hallway signs are permitted.