Parent Mentor Program | Programa Padres Mentores

  • Parent Mentor Program

  • Community Consolidated School District 15 is proud to partner with Partners for Our Communities (POC), the Illinois State Board of Education, and the Parent Engagement Institute to bring the Parent Mentor Program into our classrooms at Virginia Lake, Lake Louise, and Jane Addams Elementary Schools. 

    How It Works

    1. Potential parents are interviewed, selected, and provided an initial full week of training.

    2. Parents are assigned to a classroom (not their own child’s) where they work one-on-one or in small groups with children for two hours a day Monday through Thursday.

    3. Parent Mentors come together on Fridays or Saturdays each week to spend time together and to receive ongoing support and training around academic instruction, community engagement and leadership skills.

    4. After reaching 100 volunteer hours, our parent mentors receive a small stipend provided by grant funding.