Comprehensive Plan

3. Improve Student Transitions (From Elementary > Junior High > High School)

  • feeder gearPLAN: Align feeder patterns with high school boundaries so students can attend neighborhood or near-neighborhood schools and progress from building to building with their classmates.

    Access to programs and services would be improved, time on buses would be reduced, and overcrowding would be addressed.

    Align Feeder Patterns with High School Boundaries

    Anticipated benefits:

    • Students attend neighborhood and near-neighborhood schools
    • Neighborhoods move from elementary to junior high and then high school together
    • Improve access to programs and services
    • Reduced travel time on buses
    • Overcrowding would be addressed

Critical Challenges

  • Inconsistent school feeder patterns

Anticipated Benefits

  • Improve student transitions

    Current feeder pattern

    Proposed Feeder Patterns

    proposed school reconfiguration

    Elementary school attendance areas current and proposed

    Junior High to Middle School Attendance Areas