Comprehensive Plan

1. Repair & Restore Facilities

  • repair gearPLAN: Address repairs, maintenance, and critical upgrades to keep schools secure, address health/life safety needs, improve energy efficiency, and enhance ADA accessibility for students, staff, and visitors.

    Preventing costly emergency repairs and extending the useful life of school buildings saves taxypayer dollars.

    All District 15 school facilities are repaired, restored, and improved.

    Anticipated benefits:

    • Address repairs, maintenance, and site improvement and critical upgrades
    • Address health, safety, and security needs
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Enhance accessibility for students, staff, and visitors
    • Prevent costly emergency repairs
    • Extend useful life of school buildings

Critical Challenges

  • Expansive footprint and aging facilities

    Age of Buildings

    Facility Challenges

    Inequitable facility usage

    Inconsistent School Feeder Patterns


Anticipated Benefits

  • Anticipated benefits of repairing and restoring facilities

    Proposed improvements at each D15 school