Comprehensive Plan

  • The Board of Education heard a comprehensive proposal surrounding an administration recommendation referred to as Moving 15 Forward (formerly Beyond Just Boundaries). This proposal is holistic in nature and designed to address long-standing educational and facility needs. It includes updates to educational offerings and the programs and services that benefit all students in our District.

    We believe this comprehensive initiative will provide equitable access to programs for all students and help us become a more desirable school district.

Moving 15 Forward

  • The presentation outlines the three critical areas of improvement that make up the Moving 15 Forward Plan. 

    This work is critical to our continuous improvement efforts.

  • Moving 15 Forward


Every District 15 student, school, and community would benefit.

  • Moving 15 Forward is a community-driven plan focused on addressing District 15’s highest priority educational and school facility needs. The plan is a game changer for every student, school, and community we serve.

    Anticipated benefits of the Moving 15 Forward plan include:

     Making District 15 schools healthier, safer, and more secure

     Extending the useful life of existing school buildings

     Reducing costly emergency repairs

     Improving accessibility

     Enhancing energy efficiency

     Updating classrooms, science labs, and libraries

     Offering full-day kindergarten and creating middle schools

     Reducing overcrowding Protecting property values

Three Critical Areas of Improvement

  • Repair & Restore Facilities
  • Update Learning Spaces
  • Improve Student Transitions

Proposed Funding

  • Total Estimated Cost = $186 Million

    The District has listened and worked hard to develop a community-driven funding proposal that benefits EVERY District 15 school and student.

    Half of project costs funded with "non-referendum" dollars:

    • District funds would address $93 million of improvements, half of the total project cost

    • Downsized referendum proposal would fund $93 million improvements

    • Estimated tax impact reduced to $11.50/month for a home with $300,000 fair market value

    Proposed referendum funding

    Proposed referendum is 28% smaller than the unsuccessful 2016 referendum

    • 50% Referendum Funding

    • 50% District 15 Funds