2017-18 BOE Annual Goals

  • Superintendent Scott Thompson, Ed.D., presented the Board with a draft of the 2017-18 Annual Board Goals for its consideration at the August 9, 2017, Board meeting. The proposed Annual Board Goals were available for the public to review and provide feedback prior to the Board's next regular meeting. On September 13, the Board voted to approve the goals. They are as follows: 


    Create a systematic and cohesive plan to reduce/eliminate student achievement gaps between different groups of students through a thorough examination of achievement of all student groups.

    Action Managers: Meg Schnoor, Tom Edgar
    Team: DOI, principals, teachers, student services
    Results: Plan presented to BOE in June 2018.
    Examined Measures: Including, but not limited to, MAP proficiency and growth results, HS outcomes, D15 JH placements, ACCESS Growth.


    Develop a strategic plan to create a roadmap for the near and distant futures of the District (e.g. 3-year objectives, 5-year objectives and 10-year objectives). The plan should be the result of community input and be data-driven to assure positive results.

    Action Manager: Scott Thompson
    Team: Board of Education, Superintendent’s Cabinet
    Results: Strategic Plan created and presented to BOE for approval in May 2018.
    Measures: Community Input activities, draft plan analyzed by stakeholders, finalized plan approved.


    Establish an integrated plan for District communications that is infused with tactical actions needed to accomplish the plan. The plan must include a marketing strategy and re-branding work, as well as an updated website platform and enhanced use of social media.

    Action Managers: Matt Barbini, Morgan Delack
    Team: Administrators, teachers, BOE
    Results: Plan created and presented to Board
    Measures: Approved plan implemented prior to December 2017


    After an analysis of student data and facility usage, construct a plan for dual-language schools and investigate opportunities for needs-based, full-day kindergarten.

    Action Managers: Meg Schnoor, Cheryl Wolfel
    Team: DOI, principals
    Results: Plan created and presented to Board at March 2018 BOE meeting.
    Measures: Changes implemented in school year 2018-19


    Ensure the district plans for facilities optimization/maintenance, future growth of student population and the most efficient boundaries for all schools.

    Action Managers: Michael Adamczyk, Matt Barbini
    Team: Cabinet, Craig Phillips, principals
    Results: Creation of process to identify ways to work with school boundaries and school spaces to meet future enrollment and programmatic needs, plan created to maintain and facilitate programs and population. 
    Measures: Plan created and process identified and plan begun by May 2018